Services for companies

Lazarillo wants to expand accessibility for blind or poor vision people everywhere, for this reason we have developed services for companies, helping to bring them closer to their employees with visual disabilities. The idea is to incorporate information of their services and branches in the maps thanks to the use of beacons (electronic devices that discharge Bluetooth signals). Public institutions that deal with customers can improve their accessibility providing indications to locate doors, service counters, specific data about places, etc. All this thanks to the link using the Lazarillo system.

Platform for ONG’s

Since the very beginning, Lazarillo App developed a sense of team work in order to improve the quality of life for blind and poor visibility people. That is still the main focus that has inspired the alliance with other entities that promotes a similar job.

Lazarillo has developed a free platform supported by Senadis (National Disability Service), our conviction is to collaborate with these organizations in order to provide the best service to our users. The program allows the institutions promote activities, workshops, events and job offers to our customers, the idea is to accomplish and reach people in need of this App.

For Lazarillo’s team, the relationship with other organizations that operate in the same area is extremely significant, since it becomes essential to use team work as a way to develop into a more inclusive society.